Explainer animations are a huge trend right now, and understandably so. They are an excellent way of engaging your customers on subjects that may otherwise not catch their attention. Using colourful imagery, dynamic movement and eye catching text will bring even the most mundane subjects to life.

Using one of the many generic explainer animation services that are available may seem like a great idea but you should think hard about whether it is worth the saving offered for these cheap, automated animations. You know the ones I mean – those animations with a hand drawing on all the different pictures, graphics sliding on and off screen as a voiceover tells a story about “James” who has a problem which your company can solve. A great idea in principal, but is it really all that engaging? Here are three disadvantages to generic explainer animation services.

Get a bespoke explainer animation that fits your brand perfectly

1. They don’t stand out.

Because of the increasing popularity of this style of animation the impressiveness and originality they once had no longer shines through. An animation should be memorable through its imagery – interesting ideas that compliment the information you are portraying, if your animation looks just like your competitors – how can your potential customer differentiate between the two?

2. The animation won’t represent your brand

If your company has a brand and a personality, it is very important to tie your video content in with this. That goes for animations too. When using a generic animation service you may be able to choose a certain style – scratchy whiteboard animation, or more slick motion graphics – but how well does that really represent your brand? It may be cheap, but hiring a professional animator for a bespoke animation will give you much more control over the look and feel of your animation, allowing you to present an animation that represents you and your brand much more effectively.

3. They look like a template

If you look at the portfolios of companies offering these animation services, even comparing two separate companies, the pace, style and imagery is extremely similar. As if someone prepared an easily editable template that is then recycled time and again. There is clearly a formula that works, I’m not disputing that, however the more and more the formula is used, the less effective it is going to become. By buying into this, you are reducing the amount of time your animation will be valuable for – as soon as the next new trend takes off you’ll need to re-invest in another animation. Suddenly you’ve spent twice as much on an animation that could have lasted twice as long from the beginning.
Opting for a bespoke animation that is designed from scratch every time may (or may not!) cost a little more than a generic cartoon animation, but the advantages are well worth the extra investment. Work closely with your animator to create a style that exactly represents your brand, which is dynamic, original and will engage your customer time and again. Having an animation completely stylised for your purposes will stand out from the crowd of explainer animations being shared all over the internet right now. Still not convinced? Checkout the animation below and learn about why Paul from team meta logic has to say about the value of a bespoke animation:
We needed to explain what we do here at Team Meta Logic in a way that was easy to understand. I find explainer animations hit both the older and younger market and are very useful when engaging with social media and explaining complex issues in an easy way. The animations are fun and interesting. Providing IT services is a complex business so this way it becomes much more interesting and engaging. Getting across the company message and ethos is key to getting the video to make sense and reflect your company’s brand. It is much easier to explain and discuss this person to person. Steve is a professional, insightful, and creative person and a delight to work with. He has provided a competitively priced , high quality product and I will be recommending you to any business that needs this type of video for either website or social media. Paul Thomas

Business Development Manager, Team Meta Logic

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