Everyone is talking about how great video content is for your business – and they’re all right! It is great. However, it can be difficult to know what type of video content will work well for your business. Testimonial, sales letter, product video, explainer video, animation…. aaaahhhhh! So many options. No worries, I’ve put together a little run down of each type of video you might want to consider and where you might find it useful! That’s nice of me, isn’t it?

Event Video

Having a team come and film you at an event like a trade show, or at an event you’ve arranged is a great way to promote your business and more importantly the people within your business.

  • Show your employees intracting with customer outside of an office environment
  • Use the video to promote future events
  • Showcase product demos and interactive elements of your brand engagement
  • Repurpose captured content from the event for different audiences and subject areas

You can take event coverage one step further and create a hybrid video that includes testimonials from current clients,  or thoughts and opinions of a product from those who are experiencing it for the first time.


Are you exhibiting or holding an event for your business? Get in touch to find out more about my event packages


A professionally filmed video testimonial greats a level of connection between subject and viewer greater than any written testimonial can. An account of a customers good experience right from their mouth is extremely valuable!

  • Create an emotional connection by watching and hearing the excitement and sincerity of the testimonialee (a word I have probably invented but I like it!)
  • Much more engaging and likely to be remembered than a traditional text testimonial.
  • Easily capture several customer testimonials in a day with a well planned shoot
  • Can be captured at events or other social occasions
  • Target specific areas of your business for each testimonial
  • Extract small soundbytes for easily shareable content

Who are testimonial videos good for? Everyone!


Do you offer services to individuals or other businesses? Do you solve a problem that they might be experiencing? I would imagine the answer is yes to at least one of those questions. If that is the  case, it is very important to explain to your customers what it is you do.

  • Engage your customers by explaining your services via video rather than through paragraphs of text
  • Take complicated concepts and break them down into simple, easy to understand videos
  • Show your expertise, knowledge and confidence by going on camera and telling people what you do!
  • Can be live video, animation or a mixture of the two


Can be good for most industries but most effective for IT, accounting or solicitors where viewers may not be so engaged by simply and subjects could be complicated. That connection that video creates is very important here!

Product demo

If your company offers a variety of products it would be great to use videos to demonstrate how your product works. Showing your customers before they’ve even purchased your product how easy it is to use will go a long way to making them decide to buy.

  • Show off your products features clearly and easily
  • Give hints and tips on how to get the most out of your products
  • Offer a series of videos upon purchase that will further educate the user

Great for companies who provide physical products that require assembly or may have a bit of a learning curve to use. Can also be used for things like software or phone apps as you can show the different features step by step.

There really is a place for each type of video in most businesses, some are more relevant to certain industries than others but the principal is always the same – Video will build a rapport, show the people who run your business, create an engaging connection between you and your customer and above all increase your sales.

If you want to discuss which type of video(s) would benefit your business most then give me a call on 02921679064 or fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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