Video is the king of content, but you have to use the correct type of video at each point of your customers’ journey for it to be truly effective.

Here we will look at how you can use a short series of videos to reach out to potential customers, build rapport, gain trust and then offer your product as a solution to their problem.

Part one – First touch.

The beginning of the journey. Your potential buyers venture out into the big, scary world in search of a solution. The chances are you will reach your audience through a social media avenue. Your video content needs to be attention grabbing, informative and offer value.

What type of videos work at this stage?

A video that highlights a problem and explains how your product or service can solve said problem is the way to go here.

For example – My smartphone video workshops are pitched at companies who want to use video in their marketing, but do not have the budget to hire a videographer or production company to produce those videos for them.

So in my video for social media, I highlight that as a problem and offer a solution.

Crucially I do not say that the solution is the workshop itself. I offer value by giving something to the viewer – in this case a free video and cheat sheet teaching them how to setup a simple piece to camera.

This video has a clear call to action – go to a landing page, enter your email address and then receive the free video.

What does this achieve?

The customer has become aware of your brand and engaged with you. They are starting to trust your ability to solve their problem with your service or product. You can now start a conversation with that person and hopefully guide them through the sale process.

Part 2 – Making them aware that you are indeed an expert!

The prospect is aware of their problem and is actively researching the different solutions available to them. They might be using google to find companies in your industry and starting to weigh up the pros and cons of each. They’ve already heard of your company and have started to trust your abilities, now convince them that you really can deliver their solution.

What type of videos work at this stage?

How-to videos or product demos can be good here. Anything that will further educate your audience about your offering and how it can help them. Videos can be featured on your websites product or services page, or form part of an email campaign. Backing up these videos with a digital download is also a good idea. It’s all about making your videos work within the bigger picture of your marketing efforts, rather than as a stand alone piece of content.

Part of my awareness video features a smartphone camera app but in the initial video I don’t go into detail about how the app works. A follow up to prospective clients could be an email with a link to a tutorial video on how to use the app.

What does this achieve?

In doing this I enhance their belief that I can help them achieve what they want to achieve by offering them more knowledge. They are getting to know more about my overall offer, and crucially they are getting to know me as a person.

Part 3 – Time to buy!

At this point the buyer is ready to decide who to go with, who is best suited to solve their problem. It is now crucial that you solidify their trust in you by showing them social proof that your product is good value, reliable and going to deliver what’s promised.

What types of video work here?

Enter the video testimonial and case study!

You’ve read countless reviews and understand how powerful they can be – video can enhance that power ten fold. Video testimonials are most effective when they highlight a specific product or area of your business. Be concise and to the point. Your video testimonials can be on your home page and on specific product/service pages. Remember at this stage people will be looking around your website as well as those of your competitors, so the more accessible your testimonials are the better.

What does this achieve?

If you can get previous customers to sing your praises on camera, your prospective customers will create an emotional connection with them – trusting their opinions, experiencing their excitement and solidifying that hard earned trust. A video testimonial provides hard evidence that your product works and it is a lot more engaging than a written testimonial.

In summary:

  • First touch – make customers aware of who you are, offer them something of value
  • You’re an expert – Follow up on your initial offer with more educational content. Start a conversation, build trust and keep your business in the mind of your potential customers
  • Time to buy – Back up your expert status and quality claims with social proof in the form of video testimonials.

If you want to discuss which type of video(s) would benefit your business most then give me a call on 02921679064 or fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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