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A video marketing campaign example

Video is the king of content, but you have to use the correct type of video at each point of your customers' journey for it to be truly effective. Here we will look at how you can use a short series of videos to reach out to potential customers, build rapport, gain...

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What kind of video does your business need?

Everyone is talking about how great video content is for your business - and they're all right! It is great. However, it can be difficult to know what type of video content will work well for your business. Testimonial, sales letter, product video, explainer video,...

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Preparing yourself for an interview

A promotional video is greatly enhanced by audio snippets, or sound bites, of people talking about their company - or their opinion of another company's services. It creates another level of engagement and helps the viewer connect on an emotional level too. Being the...

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Three reasons to steer clear of generic explainer animations

Explainer animations are a huge trend right now, and understandably so. They are an excellent way of engaging your customers on subjects that may otherwise not catch their attention. Using colourful imagery, dynamic movement and eye catching text will bring even the...

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Getting the most out of your video shoot Part II: On the day

The day has come to shout ACTION! You've prepared everything for the day – thought about your audience, purpose and message of your video – now it's time to execute the plan! Efficient use of available time is key on the day. Video production is an interesting beast,...

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