Case Study
Team Metalogic

The Brief

I have completed several very different projects with Team Metalogic – All centred around the idea of keeping IT solutions simple and easy to understand. Team Metalogic have a very strong brand and it was key to harness this across all projects. To date together we have created several explainer animations that cover the services offered by the client, Filmed a VIP wine tasting event and produced a promotional video that provides an overview of the company and their way of working.

Creative Process

Company Overview

The Metalogic Way – I first setup for an interview with Mike, the MD of Team Metalogic, where we filmed him talking about the company’s values and their approach to the work they do. All the talking points were discussed in detail in pre-production, allowing us to be as efficient as possible during filming.  We also used this time to discuss some current topics in the IT landscape that could be put out as un-edited promotional material, adding more value. After the interview I filmed all the cut-away footage seen in the video – this was to show the small yet experienced team in their working environment. 

VIP Event Video

We discussed the format and timings of the event, what sort of coverage was desired and identified the best attendees to interview. During the event I was very inconspicuous – making sure not to get in the way of the guests’ enjoyment of the event. The interviews took place with the event in the background to keep consistency to the main video. We then created one video that documented the whole event and also had three separate videos that were purely focussed on testimonials.

Explainer Animations

The client and I agreed on a style for the videos that was engaging, dynamic and complemented their brand. The content was gathered from existing documents and web pages before being developed into individual scripts for each subject. After script development I then storyboarded each video and designed the required graphics. The voiceover was then professionally recorded, edited and mixed before the motion graphics were then edited. After basic animation, final effects were edited & the videos were delivered to the client for feedback.

From the Clients perspective

“The videos were created to promote our business by projecting a modern company that looks after its consumers. The animations were designed to be used with social media, a redesigned website and during presentations. They explained the complex nature of the business in an easy to understand way. They achieved all their goals and have been used numerous times since being produced.  The videos have allowed us to extended the brand image we developed in print. All of Steve’s videos have had a positive impact on the Team Metalogic business and remain part of our ongoing marketing plan.

Video Content brings your brand alive, particularly in the age of social media and networking, Steve is a complete professional, full of creative ideas that only needs a little guidance to get the job done. He is also an easy to work with and becomes part of your team.”

– Paul Thomas, Business Development Manager

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