Make your own business videos with your smartphone and our one-day Smartphone Video Workshop

Want to use video to market your business, but don’t have the resource to invest in a production company? In the early years of running a business, money and time can be scarce – but the evolution of smartphone video cameras has made it easier than ever to make quick, professional-quality videos yourself.

“Steve was an excellent instructor. It helps that he can connect with his trainees on a personal level so that you feel like you are simply within a group of friends talking.”

Video production is accessible, affordable and fun whatever your business size.

Fast on the rise, it’s becoming pretty essential for small businesses too…

  • Video makes it much easier to get your message across
  • Your clients are more likely to watch and share video over text
  • Google loves it and is 53 times more likely to show you first if you have a video
  • Videos are more emotive than text and better at building trust
  • Business videos help differentiate you from the competition
  • Crucially, videos increase conversions and sales rates!

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, our one-day down-to-earth course will give you the knowledge and skills to make the most of the smartphone video wave.

"Steve was friendly, approachable and obviously very knowledgeable. He kept things simple for us though, which was excellent."

You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan a video for optimal success, including identifying the correct audience and platform to present it
  • Record audio so it sounds professional and clear
  • Set up your shots so they are on-brand and are visually interesting
  • Tell your story and make effective explainer videos
  • Interview others for testimonial or training videos
  • Get the best out of your smartphone camera’s settings 
You’ll get a printed and digital copy of my Smartphone video production handbook to take away which includes everything covered on the course. You’ll also receive access to our online editing course, worth £59, absolutely free of charge,  post-course assignments designed to enocurage you to put the course content into practise and ongoing expert support via our closed Facebook community page to help you get the most from what you’ve learned. All this for just £119!


Who is the workshop for?

The course is designed for self employed and small businesses. Ideally you will already be doing some of your own marketing, with an idea of your target market, where they ‘hang out’ and the best way to reach them.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

Everything taught is at a simple beginner level, so no prior knowledge is necessary. You will only be taught what is essential to getting started making simple, yet effective video marketing content!

Do I need a specific phone?

No! You can use both Android or iPhone! The newer the phone the better the camera will be, but even smartphones from 4 years ago have good enough cameras!

Do I need anything else for the course?

I recommend preparing yourself by downloading the ‘filmic pro’ app from your phones app store, this is the app we will learn on the day. Other than that, just bring a notepad and pen to make notes. Or if you’re really high tech, an iPad!

Why is editing not included on the course?

I feel that editing isn’t a subject that can be covered in a short period of time. People learn software at different speeds. That’s why I’ve created the online course, it’s an opportunity for people to learn editing at their own pace, go over bits they need more understanding of and really get to know the art of editing. I’ve seen a lot of so called professionals who don’t consider their editing enough, resulting in videos that have silly mistakes that avert the viewers attention from the key message of the video. My online course aims to highlight these mistakes and correct them so your videos are a cut above your competitors!

Will I be as good as Stephen Spielberg by the end of the day?

That is beyond my control, but if you work really, really hard….. probably not!

We are aiming to use simple techniques that sell your business well, that is all!

BONUS Content #1 – 50% off online video editing course

Learn how to edit your videos together at your own pace with the editing series. By learning outside of the workshop you can really take your time to not only get to know the software being taught, but also the art of editing. It is important to develop a good workflow, understanding of storytelling and knowledge of the subtle things that make a promotional video go from looking amateurish to professional. £49 FOR COURSE ATENDEES, RRP £99!

BONUS Content #2 – Exclusive Facebook page!

As well as the one day workshop you will have access to the workshop trainee facebook community. This will enable you to ask questions to other course atendees but also to your instructor. Upload your films for direct feedback, new hints and tips exclusive to facebook group members meaning you will constantly be re enforcing what you learn on the day. Value: Priceless!

Only 12 spaces per course - don't miss out!

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